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MR CUP's walter magazineIt takes a heck of a lot to get us excited about a new magazine; our heart’s been broken so many times before. Yet the moment we saw that Letterpress Designer of the Gods Fabien Barral (aka MR CUP) was crowdfunding a magazine, we jumped up on our desk and did a little happy dance. (Note to Health & Safety: We did not jump up on our desk and do a little happy dance.)

The new quarterly  magazine is called Walter (after Bauhaus School founder Walter Gropius), and it’s already looking like the design print publication of the year. The moment we saw its spreads on type/poster wizard Kevin Cantrell, we knew we were in safe hands.

MR CUP's walter magazine

Rather than rabbit on about this any further, we’ll simply leave you with a few gorgeous images. More info on the forthcoming Walter magazine here. And if you’d like to see this magazine become a reality, there are only 16 days left to contribute at the time of this posting.

For those pledging at the upper levels, you can also pick up some of the most sought-after print pieces of the last few years including Kevin Cantrell posters and MR CUP letterpress calendars and coasters.

MR CUP's walter magazineMR CUP's walter magazine


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