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When it comes to print, animation and dimension are two things that don’t spring instantly to mind. Yet ever-evolving printing techniques and creative inspiration continue to inject both into today’s print design. This week, we watch the principles of typography invade the three-dimensional world, witness new covers for modern classics spring to life, and gaze in awe at a stunning New Year’s card that celebrates the printing press. (Previous Cool Designs of the Week can be found right here.)

‘Movable Book of Letterforms’ Design

While there’s no shortage of books dedicated to typography, few convey the dimensionality and dynamism of the topic. Graphic designer Kevin Steele‘s “Movable Book of Letterforms” makes up for all of them by injecting a careful study of the key aspects of type with a playful sense of humor and fun. Letters can be moved, pop out from the pages and unfold to reveal new surprises on every page.

letterforms book designletterforms book designletterforms book design


Vintage Books Cover Design

While 2016 appears to be the year of virtual reality, it’s also gearing up to be the year of a much older technology: moiré animation. Last month we saw the charming small press book “Vento.” Next month, Vintage Books will publish a 9-book series of modern classics about dystopias and the future, each volume featuring a cover that can be animated with the use of an acetate sheet (though it remains unclear how that piece will be packaged with the books themselves). According to Creative Review, “When the nine books are turned over – and correctly aligned – they reveal ‘Centrifugal, Centripetal Structure,’ a 1965 artwork by Italian artist and designer Franco Grignani” (third image below). Go here to see all of the animations.

vintage book designvintage book designvintage book design


Printing Press Greeting Card Design

Whether printer’s ink courses through your veins or you just love a good, intricate card, chances are that this piece by France’s Studio Pression will knock your socks off. Laser cutting and multi-level laser engraving come together with three different foils to wish all who receive it a happy 2016. Switch off your email, pour yourself a cup of something nice, and lose yourself in the sumptuous details of this beauty for a while.

press card designpress card designpress card designpress card designpress card designpress card design



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