Pre-Finished GPA Digital Substrates

GPA_125GPA just put paid to finishing equipment this week with the release of its Ultra Digital Pre-Converted Substrates, which come with built-in diecuts, perforations and scores. That means getting your work out the door faster, doing away with digital’s last remaining choke point. Here are the details straight from the press release:

  • “DigiBOX 4-inch Square Boxes (1-Up): No adhesive is needed to create these boxes for anything from custom product packaging to wedding favors, and everything in between.
  • Table Tents (3-Up): New layout offers faster and easier assembly for everything from seasonal restaurant and bar promotions, to menu listings and placeholders at special events.
  •  Playing Card Boxes (3-Up): Build brand identity, and great for personalized gifts and event giveaways.
  • Golf Ball Sleeves (2-Up): The perfect touch for giveaways at golf and other special events.
  • Coffee Cup Sleeves (5-Up): Great for making an impression at presentations and events, these sleeves let you put your message right in the hands of your customers.”

More info via GPA support at (800) 395-9000, or




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