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Personality. It’s that special something that makes you unique (or mitigation given on your behalf by friends trying to fix you up with someone: “George Clooney he ain’t, but he’s got a great personality“). This week, we take a break from featuring business cards with fancy finishes and the like to focus on those that nicely sum up the personalities of their holders. Nothing fancy here (with the possible exception of the first one) – just people showing us who they are. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be found here.)

Designer’s Business Card

Ostensibly beverage coasters, these foil-stamped beauties function as business cards, too, for designer Blake Noel. Printed on 100 lb. French Paper Co. Pop-Tone Black Licorice, these pieces come in three versions, each featuring lyrics from pop songs of the ’80s. On the back: the website address, printing credit (Henry + Co.) and the date of the song in question. Though relatively opulent for a leave behind, these items have the benefit of being virtually unthrowawayable by anyone with a nostalgic streak.

designer business carddesigner business card3


Illustrator’s Business Card

A French illustrator living in London, Tiffany Beucher has a fun, simple style that is instantly recognizable. The front of her business card neatly sums up that style while also seeming to be something of a self-portrait. On the back, the usual details cleanly presented.

tiffany beucher business card


Graphic Designer’s Business Card

The fact that Kelli Marie decided to make her business card a hang tag is notable but secondary to the design itself, which positively crackles with friendly attitude. Riffing on her trademark glasses, it nicely demonstrates her branding, typography and design abilities without ever losing its lovely sense of playfulness. She’s also carried the same style over to her résumé – just a fantastic bit of brand building here.

graphic designer business cardgraphic designer business card2graphic designer business card3


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