Business Cards That Say Something

Meers business cardsDigital printing has given companies an easy way to ensure that every employee can have a business card that expresses their own unique personality, no problem. But yes, consarn it, we often prefer something a little more hand-tooled to the slicker, shinier variety. Design studio Meers must’ve been thinking the same thing because their cards are edge-painted letterpress deals…with built-in customization.

Ultra-thick card stock and precision die cutting come together to create a comic-like word balloon emanating from the person’s name. Before you give a potential client your card, you can write a little message, a reminder, a doodle – something that makes the piece extremely unique.

But do check out UnderConsideration’s writeup on the cards – and the production lessons learned – before attempting this yourself 😉

Meers business cardsMeers business cards


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