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Fantasy business cardsWhat better way to cap off hectic back-to-back trade shows (UnderConsideration’s Brand New Conference and Graph Expo 2014, of course) than with MOO’s whimsical promotion of its Square Business Cards using seven famous possessors of dual identities. Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) is just the beginning.

“These new business cards have been created to help people to standout and showcase their creative passions, which are often separate to their daytime jobs,” rationalizes the official press release, but really it’s all about having a little fun. The following descriptions and images come to us courtesy of MOO.

1. Walter White / Heisenberg

Walter White from acclaimed series Breaking Bad is arguably the most famous double-lived character in recent years. For his ‘daytime’ business card, the designers imagined what the stationery for the J.P. Wynne High School, where he teaches, would look like. For his alter ego, the designers recreated the iconic Heisenberg sketch of the mysterious man with glasses, beard and hat.

Breaking Bad business card

2. Clark Kent / Superman

The designers created a plain and understated Daily Planet business card for reporter Clark Kent, while Superman’s celebrates his iconic colors with a blur of red on a blue background, along with his famous claim ‘Faster than a speeding bullet.’  Both were printed with a green finish to reflect his environmentally friendly attitude to saving the planet.

Superman business card

3. Bruce Wayne / Batman

The business card for CEO Bruce Wayne is suitably smart and professional, befitting of a millionaire playboy, whereas Batman’s is dark, simple and Gothic, with one side showing his famous logo lit up, as if beamed into the sky, with a white Luxe seam finish to reflect the beam of light surrounding the bat emblem.

Batman business card

4. Selina Kyle / Catwoman

To best embody her character, the design for Catwoman’s business card is sultry and sexy, printed with a black gloss finish, whilst her daytime identity of Selina Kyle’s was inspired by Tim Burton’s Batman Returns (1992), when she was assistant to the sinister business mogul Max Shreck. While Selina’s ‘by day’ card has a Luxe red seam finish in keeping with her brand colour, Catwoman’s card has a gloss finish to match her black leather suit.

cat woman business card

5. Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde

As well as contemporary figures, MOO designers also imagined the business cards of some more classical figures from literature. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, 1886) are perhaps one of the most famous examples of a split personality, and their cards were created to highlight the character’s light and dark side respectively, both printed with a simple classic finish.

hyde business card

6. Dorian Grey

Dorian Grey’s (The Picture of Dorian Grey, 1891) business cards reflect his initial persona as gentleman, and his eventual hedonistic unravelling, with his Square Business Card printed with a Luxe black seam to represent the darkness revealed in the painting.

dorian grey business card

7. Oscar Diggs / The Wizard of Oz

The balloonist Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs from Omaha, Nebraska, is unknown to most, however his alter ego – The Wizard of Oz – is the supreme ruler of the Land of Oz. While Oscar’s ‘by day’ business card has a simple design featuring a hot-air balloon, his Square Business Card is opulent emerald green and has a gloss finish to appear jewel-like.

wizard of oz business card


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