Pantone Releases 336 New Shades

Pantone has added 336 new colors to its Pantone Plus Series, bringing the total to 1,677 colors and providing a more comprehensive selection.

All color families are extended to include a wider variety of values, saturation and undertones – from subtle pastels and reliable mid-tones to the intensity of deep tones, vivid brights and vital, nuanced neutrals.

Both coated and uncoated versions are available immediately and can be purchased from the Pantone website at The additional colors will be available as supplements for a limited time so owners of previous publications can easily update their guides.

Color Bridge supplements featuring the new shades will be available in June. All new orders for core publications (Pantone Formula Guide, Color Bridge, etc.) will ship with the 336 new colors supplements.

Digital color values for the new colors are available in Pantone Color Manager, allowing designers to update popular design applications including Adobe Creative Suite (up to 5.5) and QuarkXPress 9. While the original 1,341 Pantone Plus Colors are available in the recently announced Adobe Creative Suite 6, the 336 new colors can be added in the coming weeks through an update to Pantone Color Manager.

They will also be available in CAPSURE and the myPANTONE mobile app (for iPhone and Android smartphones) by early June. Owners of all of these products will receive automatic updates to download the 336 new colors.


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