Field Notes Urges us to Drink Locally

fieldnotes1If Moleskine is the sleek, perfect little notebook, Field Notes is its rowdier, more spirited cousin. And like any rowdier, more spirited cousin, you’ll find Field Notes sniffing around the local bars. Field Notes’ 20th Colors Edition notebook series is called “Drink Local,” and it’s all about the beer.

Each notebook features:

  • NewPage Sterling Premium 120 lb. covers with a “soft touch” varnish
  • Cover logo that is varnished with a contrasting gloss
  • 48 pages of Finch Opaque Smooth 50 lb. Text paper inside, printed with a “Hefeweizen” yellow-orange graph grid
  • Gold staples holding it all together.


There are two 3-pack versions – $10 each – with each cover boasting a hue designed to represent a different beer. The “Lagers” pack features:

  • Pilsner (gold)
  • Bock (brown)
  • Pale Lager (pale yellow).

The Ales pack offers:

  • Stout (dark brown-black)
  • Amber Ale (warm red)
  • India Pale Ale (rusty orange).

What really sets these notebooks apart is the packaging: a chipboard belly band bundles these notebooks together with a pub-style beer coaster letterpressed by Tandem Felix Letterpress in Chicago using a 1920 hand-fed, 10”-x-15” Chandler & Price “New Series” platen printing press. Those who subscribe to the seasonal Colors editions even get a nifty 6-pack chipboard carrier to put their notebooks in. Now that’s what we call style!

Bottoms up!

fieldnotes4 fieldnotes3 fieldnotes1c


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