Power of Paper Revealed…by Disney

disney4Over the years we designers have embraced color, texture, and a wide range of finishing techniques. Now we’re going to have to seriously start thinking about embracing electronic interactivity for our paper projects. Mickey Mouse said so.

More accurately, the research arm of Disney (who knew) this month quietly revealed that it has surmounted one of the biggest barriers to incorporating electronics into print projects…by making paper itself a key element of the power source.

“Paper Generators” are constructions made of paper, Teflon and wires, that generate small amounts of power when the Teflon is rubbed or tapped against the paper.


What this does is drastically simplify our ability to design and ship brochures, posters and packaging that incorporates everything from LEDs and speakers to video screens – all with less environmental impact and less expense than building batteries into the finished product. (Check out some interactive paper project ideas here.)

If this innovation pans out, we don’t think we’ll ever be able to refer to anything negatively as a “Mickey Mouse operation” again.

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