Conference Survival Kit

kit_125If there was any justice in this world, every meeting, conference and symposium would be managed by creatives rather than their snore-inducing overlords. (And disasters wouldn’t happen and your roommate/children/spouse would put the flippin’ dishes away and–oh gosh, where were we?) To see what such a rose-tinted world would look like, take a gander at what creative agency Machine designed for Habari Media’s Tuongee Symposium.

Dubbed The Quintessentially Metaphorical Field Guide to Humans on Business Safari, this whimsical kit provided attendees with:

  • A small bottle of gin labeled “Mosquito Repellant”
  • Twine with which to make a “cat’s cradle” (think back, it wasn’t THAT long ago)
  • Bees wax balm
  • A USB thumb drive crammed with tunes
  • A “Field Guide”  for the “Business Safari”.


Never mind two-day symposia, we have a 3 o’clock meeting that could do with one of these kits – there are a lot of mosquitoes buzzing around PaperSpecs Towers…





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