The Perks Page is Here!

I bet you’re wondering what a Perks Page is. Well, it’s the place where PaperSpecs Pro members go to get special offers and valuable discounts from some of their favorite names in paper and design.

What would make a PaperSpecs Pro happy? A 10 percent discount on Pinhole Press photo products … free credits at Bigstock … 25 percent discount on paper purchases through Neenah’s website? Oh yeah! There are a lot of happy members right now.

And this is just the beginning! As we add new perks, we’ll be sure to let you know. More discounts and specials are coming sooner than you think.

If you’re a PaperSpecs Pro member, get full details and discount codes at the Perks Page.

If you’re not a PaperSpecs Pro member yet, sign up today! (Access to the Perks Page is effective after full sign-up.)


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