3-in-1 Holiday Cards

Artifact Uprising 3-in-1 Holiday CardsHoliday cards are second only to wrapping paper when it comes to items that make us feel like our very usage of them befouls the planet somehow. Apparently the folks at Colorado’s Artifact Uprising felt a similar twinge and darn well did something about it with their 3-in-1 Photo Card, which debuted this month. It is a card, photo and gift tag all in one. Printed on 100% recycled paper, the cards are themselves completely recyclable.

In addition, the photo, the caption, and the greeting can all be separated from one another thanks to perforated seams. Frame the photo or stick it in an album, keep or toss the caption, and attach the greeting to a gift you’re giving to someone else. They also come with a 100% recycled kraft envelope.

And as Mohawk discovered, Artifact Uprising also offers a line of customizable holiday cards printed on Mohawk Loop (100% post-consumer fiber, FSC certified) as well.

Artifact Uprising 3-in-1 Holiday CardsArtifact Uprising 3-in-1 Holiday CardsArtifact Uprising 3-in-1 Holiday Cards


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