Panoramax Insert: Open Wide

Imax movies, online 360-degree views – wherever you look, the push has been to broaden our horizons.

And after many client requests, TC Transcontinental in Montreal pushed the boundaries of promotional inserts to create Panoramax, a 21” x 63.5,” double-gatefold sheet, thought to be the largest promotional insert in Canada.

There’s no denying the impression a sheet this large makes, nor the creative possibilities inherent in the double-gatefold arrangement, which allows you to build up a message first with the cover, then the gatefold, and finally the full impact of the inside spread.


Not only can it take full-color printing front and back, but folding the 21”-x-63.5” sheet into four panels leaves you with a 10.5”-x-16” package that easily fits into many newspapers. TC Transcontinental launched the Panoramax format in partnership with client Uniprix to highlight the 35th anniversary of the pharmacy chain.


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