Mohawk Guide Makes Sense of Envelopes

You never appreciate just how very many envelopes there are until you suddenly have to lay your hands on one specific kind….now.

Fortunately, Mohawk’s 48-page “Envelope Guide” elegantly arranges this information in one easy-to-use format, allowing you to comb through its more than 1,400 offerings to find just what you’re looking for. From Strathmore Pure Cotton to Mohawk Skytone, they’re all in there.

Also included, a visual breakdown of the anatomy of an envelope, and an envelope mailability template to help you figure out if your mailing is likely to incur additional charges from the post office. You even get a brief glossary for those days when you can’t tell your envelope “throat” from your “bang tail.”

PaperSpecs Pro Members, click here to get your copy of the “Mohawk Envelope Guide.” If you are not a PaperSpecs Pro member yet, join today! (If you can’t wait for the paper copy, you can download the PDF here.)


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