A Fit of Designers?

fit_125Some weeks paper news comes thick and fast…and others, not so much. But it’s on slow weeks such as this one (cue major paper announcement …) that we get to nose around a little and read some of the more whimsical pieces written about this industry. Or in the case of “The Creatures of Adland,” illustrated about the industry.

This from Creative Review:

“A murder of crows, a crash of rhinos. Why is it the animals that get all the fun collective nouns?” asks Adrian Flores. “For too long the humble folk of Adland have sat there silently, letting the animal world get all the linguistic glory. Well, enough is enough. Enter the Creatures of Adland.”


We weren’t quite sold Adland’s “A grid of designers” – seems too dated, somehow. Plus it doesn’t quite measure up to others such as “An obstruction of creative directors” or “A panic of account managers” (our favorite).

“A typemash of designers,” maybe? “A starvation of freelancers?” Surely you all can do better than these… 😉



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