‘Off Register’ On Target?

Sappi Fine Paper North America continues to poke fun at the occasionally absurd world of printing with the latest episode of its “Off Register” video series, starring members of Second City Improv.

Though the official line continues to be that this series of humorous shorts is “based on real-life experiences of printers,” Episode 8, “Kevin Picks the President,” is barking up a different tree.


Kevin turns out to be the official “color dog” for the McCoy political campaign – a pint-size pooch who stubbornly disapproves of every campaign poster that comes off the press. The mutt is ably assisted by imperious designer “Kat,” who informs the hapless press people that “Kevin does not sense success here.”

If anyone has encountered this in “real life,” please do drop PaperSpecs a line – we do so enjoy a good shaggy dog story.


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