Reinventing the Notebook…Again

notebook_125While the majority of Americans happily disappear down the rabbit hole of their smartphone/iPad addiction, a smaller but no less driven segment of the population continues to seek out the holy grail of paper love: the perfect notebook. That this quest continues so many centuries after the notebook’s creation suggests that’s one itch that will never, ever be scratched. Still…ya gotta try.

The latest entrant: The Confidant by Baron Fig, a 192-page Moleskine-like beast that opens flat, boasts wider pages, and 12 perforated pages at the back of the book perfect for handing out directions and phone numbers without leaving the inside of your notebook all chewed up.


The Confidant is roughly 5.4 by 7.7 inches and comes in blank, ruled or dot grid configurations for about $16 each. As designs go there’s a lot to like about this notebook. Then again, our hearts have been broken so many times before…



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