Hand-lettered Come-ons

signs_125As we begin Valentine’s Day Week – possibly the most cynical week in the Western calendar – we’re keeping our eyes peeled for designers intent on having fun with our shared romance root canal. Today we give artist Annica Lydenberg a 21-cupid-arrow salute for her collection of relationship-themed signs, cards and ephemera.

Her hand-lettered signs are bound to get the most attention with their 20th-century-grocery-store-sign aesthetics and (mostly) G-rated come-ons. But check out her Etsy store for some digital and screen printed goodies – all hand-lettered from what we saw.



They range from pick-up-line business cards (“I’m a love pirate and I’m here for your booty” being a particular favorite) to 5-by-7-inch foil-stamped prints, and even laser-cut wood signs. Quite a few of these are modestly priced, though there are some top-shelf items if you’d like to help an artist out. (Note: If you’re of a delicate sensibility, know that some of these use profanity and refer to *ahem* sex.)


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