Direct Marketing: Touched by an Angle

moleskinThe lengths some people will go to publicize the power of direct marketing. Or to get a free Moleskine. Or both. Europe’s Print Power TouchedByDM campaign came up with a project that looked like a logistical nightmare, but they seem to be pretty proud of pulling it off.

Dreamt up by Ogilvy’s Red Works office in Brussels, the mailing consisted of four parts:

  • The envelope: A folded up poster containing the following…
  • A personalized letter
  • A chalked blackboard card – Wiping away the chalk reveals a secret message
  • A reply card – The recipient pressed their chalky hand on to this to leave a clear imprint of their palm and fingers
  • The reply envelope – Recipients carefully tucked the reply card into this and sent it off.

Each handprint received was then scanned and printed onto the cover of a red Moleskine notebook, along with that person’s full name; the Moleskine was then sent to the recipient.

In all, the campaign used a combination of offset, screen printing, digital and UV printing. While a jolly little project for all concerned, we’re not sure what, if anything, was accomplished. Still…nice Moleskine 🙂



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