Infinite Letterpress Calendar

infinite calendar
Occasionally we come across a piece of print magic so sublime we drop to the floor in a dead faint and must be helped away to a dark and quiet meeting room in which to recover (preferably with a plate of leftover meeting cookies). KeeganMeegan’s too-cool-by-half “Infinite Lunar Tracking Device” was the cause of our most recent “touch of the vapors,” and is it any wonder?

This 5″-x-7.5″ piece is letterpress printed on the French Paper Co.’s Black Muscletone 140 lb. stock with liberal lashings of white and gold ink. According to the writeup on UnderConsideration:

“Each infinite calendar comes with a stand and a small art print that contains the dates and times of the Phases of the Moon for that year: New Moon, Full Moon, First and Thirds Quarters.”

And unlike most of the pieces of paper magic we come across these days, you can actually purchase this one. It will set you back $30, but presumably will provide infinite enjoyment as the two of you grow old together…

infinite calendar2infinite calendar3



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