Creative Agency Board Game

game_125_2“Principals start agencies. Principals also run agencies into the ground. What kind of leader will you be?” That, in a nutshell, is the basis of a new board game being developed by Philadelphia branding and design agency The Infantree. Currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign, “Creative Clash” aims to be the tongue-in-cheek party game for creatives.

As it’s a game crafted by people “in the business”, you get a pretty fair representation of what it’s like to work your way up through a mid-to-large creative agency today, with the biting humor of almost-but-not-quite-jaded workers in the industry.


The Kickstarter incentives are also pretty well tuned to the game’s demographic, including letterpress coasters, and your name and face on a game card as an Employee. And if you’re willing to part with $1,000, you will find your face on a Principal card…and the designers will personally deliver 3 copies of the game and the letterpress coasters to your door.



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