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pantone_125Listen, we know it’s Black Friday. We know that you’re probably just getting up now with a bit of a headache, either recovering from: a) a fine selection of beverages, b) an excess of fine foods, or c) midnight madness at your local department store of choice. With that in mind, we’ll keep things light today. So, let’s see….how about a simple question? What color do you think Pantone will choose for next year’s Color of the Year?

First, it has to be said that the only one bothering its pretty little head about this is iStock, the Getty Images-owned photo website that occasionally comes up with goofy stories that we poor hacks repeat during slow news days (e.g., Black Friday). The last one we mentioned, for example, was a survey they conducted that discovered creatives are feeling less creative. (We’re sorry – it was a REALLY slow news day.)

This week, iStock asked a random bunch of creatives which color they think Pantone will name its 2014 Color of the Year. (You will recall that this year it was emerald.) That’s it. Really. That’s the news.

As we’ve come this far, we might as well take a look at what these random prognosticators came up with. Here’s one:


Yes, well, all right. You don’t get much cooler than Japan, so we’ll take that. You know, as a prediction. Oh, here’s another one:


Mmm hmm. OK. Personally we’d love to think that Pantone might  completely throw off years of professionalism and an almost fanatical dedication to color to embrace black, the absence of all color, as its 2014 hue. It goes with everything, it’s always edgy, and most importantly, the choice of it as Pantone’s Color of the Year would bring us one step closer to admitting that the whole designation is completely arbitrary and affects very little.

Then again, all of this crystal ball gazing IS kind of fun. 🙂 How about one more prediction?

pantone_475_3OK, that’s it, we’re sold. That’s the classiest sounding argument for a color we’ve ever heard. There’s our winner: Pantone 286 C. Start painting the sky blue today 🙂


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