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shoot_125Those who adore personalizing their otherwise-sterile bits of technology might cast an eye to Paper Shoot. The Taiwanese company specializes in digital cameras housed in cardboard casings that you can customize with any design you dream up. Though its 3-megapizel (soon to be 5-megapizel) capabilities aren’t going to impress camera buffs, there is a certain appeal to having a camera that matches your personal style.

Still, with the near-ubiquity of camera-enabled smartphones and Paper Shoot’s $50 price tag, it’s difficult to understand who this camera’s actually for, aside from the young children who turn their noses up at the cameras designed for their age group. (I can’t believe we live in a world where there are cameras designed for their age group.)



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  1. Evelyn 7 years ago

    paper cameras are nothing but gimmick type idea. Why do you want to make cameras in paper when you can make the camera in dedicated body which will get the best outcome from our camera. It is fun to know that this type of camera is in the market but will never go to buy or even see that.

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