Mohawk's New Saybrook Envelopes

env_125For more than a year, Mohawk has been gearing up to tackle the huge envelope market, investing more than $2 million in new equipment alone. Today, the company unveiled its first new envelope offerings: the Saybrook Envelope line. This value-priced collection is targeted at the direct-mail and financial-mailing markets, as well as for retail and office use.

Never ones to miss an opportunity to inject a little class into their products, Mohawk has added a “discreet die-cut ‘M’ on the inside seam” of each envelope, which can be seen when you hold it up to the light.

Here’s a bit more direct from the mama sheet:

  • Colors: Bright white wove, recycled white wove, brown kraft and gray kraft
  • Basis weights: 24 lb. to 28 lb.
  • Sizes: Commercial, catalog, booklet, square, remittance, coin, Baronial, A-style announcement.

Finally, Mohawk says the envelopes are engineered for “lay flat” use on a number of printing and inserting machines, and turn in outstanding results in offset and flexo printing situations, as well as when subjected to foil stamping and thermography.



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