1¢ Buys You Prime Postal Space

usps_picturepermitimprint1Like a pensioner frantically selling off the family silver after a visit from the taxman, the U.S. Postal Service continues to launch one moneymaking scheme after another. The latest – Picture Permit Imprint Indicia – quietly went into effect June 24th.

The new service allows an organization to print a logo, image or trademark in the indicia spot on First Class and Standard Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMb) on letters and postcards. The charge to do this: 1 cent per piece for First Class mail, 2 cents for Standard. Before you can take advantage of this, you must fill out an application and then have your indicia design approved and tested.

usps_picturepermitimprint2As marketing goes, we’ve seen a lot worse than this for the money. And as a moneyspinner for the USPS, it’s sure to be more successful than its recent licensing of the words “Rain, Heat & Snow” for a clothing line earlier this year.



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