Neenah to Carry Gruppo Cordenons Papers

neenah_cordenons1On July 2nd Neenah Paper pulled off its own spectacular fireworks display by announcing that it’s scribbled its John Hancock on an exclusive partnership agreement with Gruppo Cordenons, the Italian maker of high-quality fine papers.

The new arrangement enables Neenah to offer those papers throughout the U.S. and Canada starting Sept. 3rd.


“Cordenons papers are known for their exemplary quality, thick and heavy cover weights, and artisanal color palettes,” said Julie Schertell, president of Neenah’s Fine Paper division, in a statement. “Brands like Stardream, Plike and Canaletto are specified by designers for projects that require a unique and premium image. This collection is a natural complement to our existing portfolio of fine papers… .We are excited about this partnership and believe that our customers will be as well.”


Which raises a good question. Are you excited by having these papers available from Neenah?

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  1. Carol Miller 4 years ago

    We have been trying to get some sample swatch books of Cordenons Papers for several months already and not having any luck. We get Neenah papers through Millcraft Papers, but they do not have the swatch books available.

    Also, who is the closest distributor of Cordenons Papers, if The Millcraft Paper Co doesn’t carry it?

    • Aaron 4 years ago

      Hi Carol – that sounds frustrating. The Cordenons papers are included in Neenah’s “The Design Collection,” which itself is separated into 3 themed swatchbooks: Tactile, Pearlized and Soft Touch. While our understanding is that there have been some COVID-related delays with Neenah swatchbooks, they are still shipping. On a side note, our PaperSpecs PRO members can always order swatchbooks for free from more than 60 mills (including Neenah) simply by going to our “Swatchbooks & Promotions” portal – it’s really the fastest and easiest way to get swatchbooks these days. You can find out more here:

      Also, who is the closest distributor of Cordenons Papers, if The Millcraft Paper Co doesn’t carry it?
      Our PRO members also enjoy personalized paper help such as answers to questions like these as part of their membership. We do everything we can to make their lives easier – it’s what we do 🙂

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