Facebook: The Paper Edition

facebook1Let’s just admit it, shall we? We’ve been known to miss the point, to get the wrong end of the stick. That being the case, perhaps it was only natural that we’d get a glimpse of this silly video going around and think to ourself, “I wouldn’t mind getting a copy of that.”

THAT in this instance is “Facebook: The Paper Edition.” Like monocles and taking snuff from tiny jeweled boxes, the idea of being able to page through Facebook at one’s leisure seems a nice one. To be able to read a friend’s post without dodging unwanted chat messages; to not have to worry about keeping up with the Lucy-at-the-chocolate-factory pace of new posts – what a wonderful product that would be. And heaven knows the postal service could do with the added business.

Now if you’ll excuse us, the Victrola is kicking up a fuss in the corner…


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