1 Million Origami Cows Agree: HP Indigo Fuels Unique Design


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Chocolate is delicious, chocolate is welcome, but rarely would you say that chocolate is fun. That is unless you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on a piece of Parra Chocolate. That’s because once you’ve consumed this lovely confection from Israel’s Strauss-Elite, you can easily fold the wrapper into an origami cow (an animal that appears on all its wrappers): You’ve just made your first Origamoo! More enticingly, each one of the 1 million wrappers features a completely unique design thanks to HP SmartStream Mosaic technology and the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press upon which it was printed. That means that each Origamoo cow sculpture you make is guaranteed to be one of a kind.


Each wrapper boasts one of a startlingly diverse selection of patterns on one side of the paper, and a series of dotted lines on the other along which you fold it. Follow the directions carefully and you’ll soon have a tiny paper bovine friend that truly is one-in-a-million. Consumers of Parra Chocolate are then encouraged to share their Origamoos on social media to win prizes, the whole effort being part of a larger marketing campaign encompassing TV advertising, billboards and more.

The wrappers, unique works of art in themselves even if you decline to fold them, were printed six-up, duplex, by Israel’s Ilan Print.

Intriguingly, creating one-of-a-kind print pieces is something every designer has the ability to do thanks to HP’s SmartStream Mosaic software, which takes small, random samples from pre-set “seed patterns” and prints them on an HP Indigo Digital Press. You can see what this process looks like in the video below.


In the case of the Origamoo cows, the 1 million designs printed were based on samples taken from 17 original seed patterns. We’ve seen some wonderfully effective examples of this process recently, including:


Perhaps best of all, the short press runs HP Indigo Digital Presses so cost-effectively handle, combined with the wide variety of digital papers available, means you can make cool, unique pieces for those boutique jobs as well as larger ones – all without landing yourself in deep Origamoo budget-wise.

To see how this revolutionary technology can help YOU make one-of-a-kind creations that get noticed, check out hp.com/go/graphic-arts.





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