Octopoda Wine Label



The tentacles of an octopus inspired the wrap concept for the design: the idea of an octopus grabbing onto the bottle.

– Kurt Gonsalves, Designer


Could you do with more octopi in your life? Of course you could, we ALL could. And KMG Design brings us a lovely (if slightly sinister) specimen wrapped around this sensual label for Octopoda, a Napa Valley Cabernet from Balius Wines.

“The label has two very different visual and tactile appearances,” explains KMG Design’s Kurt Gonsalves. “The gloss UV on top of the foiled octopus is in very strong contrast to the matte black paper, engaging the viewer to turn the bottle and experience the image at different angles.”

Printed on Avery Black Vellum by MCC Labels (formerly Collotype Labels) in Sonoma on an HP Indigo digital press, the labels were foiled with Kurz red and silver foil, and then overprinted with black ink to create that woodcut-style dimensionality. Textured and sculptured embosses were the final ingredients necessary to bring this denizen of the deep to glorious, crimson life.

““The attention to detail for finishing was incredible,” says Kurt. “Registration is near perfect. Multiple passes through the machinery [an ABG Digicon Series II for those production nerds] pushed the limitation of the finishing press.”

All of which would have been for naught, he adds, if the right stock hadn’t been chosen. “Black vellum paper was used to minimize its visual [distraction], primarily at the edges of the label. A traditional white paper with black ink tint would show a white edge…”

To have missed this little detail would have indeed gotten design lovers the world over up in arms – eight arms each, no doubt 😉




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Project Details

Title Octopoda Wine Label Client Balius Wines Date May 2016 Design KMG Design Kurt Gonsalves Print MCC Labels (formerly Collotype Labels)Sonoma, CA Paper Avery Fasson Estate Label, Black Vellum

Production Details

Dimensions 5.5 x 8" Print Quantity 10,000 Production Time 3 weeks Printing Method HP Indigo Digital Press, ABG Digicon Series II Finishing press Number of Colors 2 colors (black + white); foil (Kurz red + silver) Finishing and Binding Spot gloss + matte UV varnish, overprint black ink over foil, textured emboss (grain), sculpted emboss

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  1. Valerie 2 years ago

    Yes, I initially made my first purchase because of the beautiful label. The sneaky intelligent octopus is my favorite sea animal so purchasing the wine was a no brained. Much to my delight, I found an excellent bottle of Cabernet! I’ve tried them all and love them and I’ve spread the word to my wine loving friends and neighbors. Our only complaint is lately your corks are splitting and breaking, which is not nice. Love the wine but please do better with your corks!

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