The Red Night Invitation

Quality is a sensual experience. We know it as soon as we see it … taste it … hear it … touch it. In fact, once quality presents itself and grabs our attention – as it does with this invitation – we realize how mediocrity is an empty pit to be sidestepped at all costs.

Red wines are the theme of the evening, and the letters R-E-D figure as the prominent design element in a clever marriage of the word and the color. A diecut window on the front of the save-the-date card reveals “RED” in the color red.

Open the card and you find 22 words covering one inside panel. All contain R-E-D: INCREDIBLE, ADMIRED, SAVORED, REDISCOVER. Each R-E-D is letterpress printed in red. (The balance of the letters in the words are letterpress printed in silver.)

The pieces were done on CRANE’S Lettra – butter in the hands and a quintessential paper choice for letterpress work. The simple palette, the straightforward message all make for a REDiculously wonderful invitation.

The Red Night Invitation was featured as a Paper Inspiration.








Project Details

Title The Red Night Invitation Client Jackson Family Wines Date February 2012 Design One Heart Press Michael Osborne, Alice Koswara Print One Heart Press San Francisco, CA Paper Neenah Crane’s Lettra Fluorescent White

Production Details

Print Quantity 300 Production Time One week Printing Method Letterpress Number of Colors 2 colors


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