Magical 3-Dimensional Mezcal Display

A few years ago spirit makers Agua Mágica introduced an ultra-premium mezcal, seeking to differentiate its own agave-derived beverage – meant to be savored like a fine wine – from its more industrialized competition, and to educate mezcal lovers about its rich cultural heritage.

Its branding is a celebration of Oaxaca, Mexico – where the agave is grown – and is inspired by traditional iconography with a dash of magical realism.

That also extends to the promotional pieces that call attention to the spirit on store shelves. As you can see, this gorgeous 3-dimensional display is impossible to miss, and utterly magical to behold.

Designed by Agua Mágica and produced by our good friends at DataGraphic [projects / website], this piece features a shadow-box like design that first attracts the eye with its shimmering golden frame.

That’s thanks to the 105 lb. myCordenons myStardream Fine Gold Cover metallic stock from which it’s made. This was folded and glued for added thickness and support, while still remaining surprisingly light owing to its hollow construction.

Gold Hot Foil Stamped crosses along the front and sides of the frame further add visual and tactile interest, while a simple foam tape strip on the back allows the piece to be easily affixed to any shelf.

And now for the main event…and what an event it is.

The top layer of this 3-layer piece depicts a pair of creatures from Mexican mythology rising out of the 2 different types of agave plant used to create Agua Mágica’s Mezcal.

Both the creatures and the succulents were digitally printed CMYK on 100 lb. Mohawk Via Warm White Felt Cover [PaperSpecs PRO members: Get the Swatchbook!] and then Digitally Cut (using a computer-guided blade) and glued into the tray. [PRO members: Discover how to use Digital Die Cutting for your own projects!] 

A second Digital Cut layer – this one depicting the rolling hills of Oaxaca – adds even greater depth to this magical scene, and cleverly emphasizes the logos of the prestigious publications that have positively reviewed the mezcal. This bottom layer was digitally printed CMYK on WestRock Tango Digital C2S Cover. [PaperSpecs PRO members: Get the Swatchbook!] 

A scored and folded “step” behind the top and middle layers protects them from accidental collapse, while the uncoated paper provides an eye-pleasing contrast to the Metallic substrate that makes up the frame.

With its traditional Oaxacan aesthetic, light and sturdy construction, and precise positioning of delicately Digitally-Cut layers, this promotion is less “shelf-talker” and more a doorway to Mexico’s magical past. Salud!

Project Details

Title Magical 3-Dimensional Mezcal Display Client Layu Inc. Design Agua Mágica
Print DataGraphic
Paper myCordenons myStardream Fine Gold 105 lb. Cover
Mohawk Via Warm White Felt 100 lb. Cover
WestRock Tango Digital C2S 16 pt. Cover

Production Details

Dimensions 6.2” x 4.7” x 1.1” Printing Method Digital (HP Indigo) Number of Colors CMYK Finishing and Binding Hot Foil Stamping, Digital Cutting, Assembly

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