Águas Poster


Genesis tells us that God took seven days creating the world, so you might expect that a follow-up to the Luminares Poster would involve a set of seven. “And so it came to pass,” we’re happy to report! This promotional piece was the second in Gruppo Cordenons’ “7 Days” series.

While the same type of gorgeous lettering and ornaments adorn this piece, the Águas poster is printed (foil stamped) on Plike this time. Rainbow foil, metallic blue foil and clear foil – all beautifully interpret the concept of water. With the rainbow foil, the typography changes colors at various angles, connoting the play of light as it reflects off water.

The technical marvel on this offering? It’s most assuredly the fine lines that held their detail so crisply. The designer explained that it required dividing the artwork into two plates. I’m inspired!


Project Details

Title Águas Poster Client Gruppo Cordenons Date May 2013 Design Kevin Cantrell
Arlo Vance
Print Gottschall Engraving
Salt Lake City, UT
Paper Gruppo Cordenons Plike

Production Details

Dimensions 16" x 20" Print Quantity 500 Production Cost $3,500 Production Time 2 weeks Printing Method Foil Stamping Number of Colors Rainbow Foil, Metallic Blue Foil, Clear Foil Finishing and Binding Foil Stamping


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