Terra Poster


Kevin Cantrell is back with another exquisitely intricate design in the “7 Days Series” of posters for client Neenah Paper. Design, paper and production come together in high style and impeccable quality.

Entitled Terra, the design is rendered in 14 versions – foil stamped in various combinations of one color (Metallic Green, Copper or Brown) on one paper (Neenah Stardream Copper, Neenah Wild, Plike White, Plike Brown, Neenah Kraft, or Esse Espresso).

Known for his highly detailed hand lettering and ornamentation, Cantrell finds inspiration for Terra in map insurance lettering and the first chapter of Genesis on the creation.

The phrase ‘let the earth bring forth” is integral to the border design with “let the earth” appearing at the top and “bring forth” appearing at the bottom. This structure then tells a deeper story of the seasons of the year.

Top left to right represents winter to spring. The type in this section begins to blossom. Bottom left to right represents summer to fall with fruits burgeoning on the left and then foliage wilting as you move to the right. A breath of negative space around “terra” in the center creates a subtle circle, another nod to the concept of earth.


Project Details

Title Terra Poster Client Neenah Paper Date May 2014 Design Kevin Cantrell, Arlo Vance, Spencer Charles Print Gottschall Engraving
Salt Lake City, UT
Paper Neenah Stardream Copper, Wild, Environment Kraft, Esse Espresso, Plike White, Plike Brown

Production Details

Dimensions 16 x 20" Print Quantity 700 Production Cost $3,500 Production Time 3 weeks Printing Method Foil stamp Number of Colors 3 foil colors + 1 laser engraving (metallic green, copper, brown)


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