‘Dead Among the Roses’ Print

becky cloonan print design

Just like discovering a once-beloved movie from your childhood popping up on Netflix, we’d completely forgotten just how much we adore the split-fountain printing technique until we came across this new limited-edition print from artist Becky Cloonan printed by Austin’s Industry Print Shop. Cloonan, who came up in the indie comics scene, has spent a good portion of her career drawing moody characters as influenced by the traditional Byronic hero as anime and manga.

When asked by the printer to give some background on this print, she explained, “The lady in my illustration is in the process of becoming a bog mummy. I wanted to capture the silence, solitude and slow return to the earth,” before adding, “When I die please throw me in a bog.”

For such a potentially morbid subject, we’re presented here with an extremely vivid tone palette thanks to that aforementioned split-fountain screen printing process in which two colors are printed from the same fountain. A custom rainbow glitter gold ink was further applied to the moss-like substance we see slicking the almost-animal-like tendrils of the bog tree.

Perhaps the finest touch was the choice of French Paper’s Wild Cheery Pop-Tone sheet [Get Swatchbook] which lends the female figure a haunting glow that suggests both life and the final flicker of life’s candle before the long, inevitable slide into the bog.

becky cloonan print design3

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Project Details

Title 'Dead Among the Roses' Print Client Becky Cloonan Design Becky Cloonan Print Industry Print Shop Austin Paper French Paper Co. PopTone Wild Cherry

Production Details

Print Quantity 30 Printing Method Screen printing Number of Colors 3 color (split fountain) and custom rainbow glitter gold ink

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