Dancing Ballerinas Posters

Dancing Ballerinas Posters - PaperSpecs

For a 2015 marketing initiative, Xerox wanted to show off the capabilities of its iGen 5 digital press: its first to offer a fifth color. To do so, they appropriated images of ballet dancers for a series of three posters promoting a fictitious dance studio. The 14.33 x 26″ pieces feature stunning photography and printing that capture a number of subtle details, particularly the chalk dust particles trailing and enveloping the dancers.

Dancing Ballerinas Posters - PaperSpecs

“The images [evoke] emotion; turning them into a fictitious dance studio took away some of that,” explains Xerox’s Paul Miller. “Putting in a quote and highlighting certain words brought emotion back in.” Indeed, the decisions made on which words to highlight – “artist,” “song” and “beautiful,” for example – go a long way toward lending the prints their power.

The posters were printed by Xerox PSI in Webster, NY on the Xerox iGen 5 press using gamut extension green (CMYK + green). The paper — Xerox Eclipse Uncoated Natural 107 lb. Cover — has a light metallic sheen that further enhances the ethereal quality of the photographs.

Miller says the design highlights of the piece include the use of a fifth color, the 26″ sheet, and the way the images are framed. The project taught the design team that adjusting tonal range adds shape and dimension. And it’s a lesson to other designers that you don’t have to sacrifice quality with digital printing.

Dancing Ballerinas Posters - PaperSpecs

Project Details

Title Dancing Ballerinas Client Xerox Corporation Date August 2015 Design Xerox PSI Connie Thornton, Tara Hunter, and the PSI Team Print Xerox PSI Webster, NY Paper Xerox Eclipse Uncoated Natural 107 lb. Cover

Production Details

Dimensions 14.33 x 26" Print Quantity 1,500 Production Time Same day Printing Method Digital Number of Colors CMYK + green (gamut extension green)


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