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I could write one heck of a story about a Grand Canyon river guide and an old Velcro watchstrap attached to a flip-flop, but it’s already been done with considerable success – that would be Teva, the outdoor footwear company. With adventure-loving origins as inspiration, Thomas Bradley and his team painstakingly created a gorgeous 30th anniversary limited-edition poster for the iconic company.

From the custom type layout to the letterforms and negative space built out of geometric patterns and shapes that magically become landscapes telling their own amazing tales, this is a worthy commemorative. The kinetic energy created from juxtaposing the various patterns reflects the concept of living better stories. Choosing the French Dur-o-Tone Packing Brown Wrap adds an earthy feel.

The DIY feel of the screenprinting technique echoes a get-your-hands-dirty spirit. The craftsmanship here is impeccable: registering those screens and consistent hand-pulling that gradient (the teal/blue color is done via a split fountain starting at Pantone 3265 at the top fading to 801 at the bottom). Wow.


Project Details

Title Live Better Stories Poster Client Teva Date May 2013 Design Thomas Bradley Print Fairweather Press
Gearhart, OR
Paper French Dur-O-Tone Packing
Brown Wrap 100 lb. Cover

Production Details

Dimensions 19" x 25" Print Quantity 250 Production Time 3 weeks Printing Method Screen print Number of Colors 3 colors
(teal is a split fountain pull starting at the top with PMS 3265 fading to PMS 801 at the bottom)


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