‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ Print

2001 space odyssey print

Tracie Ching is one of those artists who boasts the unique gift of being able to make you see things you thought you knew in a whole new, exciting light. (Perhaps the ultimate test: two covers she did for Politico so breathtaking, it might take you several seconds to remember why your least favorite candidate bugs you so much.) But our focus today is a subject far beyond politics – beyond the planet earth, come to that: this mesmerizing print celebrating Stanley Kubrick’s momentous 1968 film classic “2001 A Space Odyssey,” which made its debut at Baltimore Comic-Con over the weekend.

2001 space odyssey print

What truly makes this already vibrant print pop is the use of 10 pt. “rainbow” holographic board. “This project was a fun one to print because the file was set up very thoughtfully by Tracie to take advantage of this specific paper,” says Sara Thomas, creative director/partner at The Half and Half. “We thought it also happened to fit the theme of the piece very well!” 

From the black portions of the space suit to the psychedelic reflection in the helmet’s glass visor, all of it was accomplished by the holographic foil showing through the screen printing, says Sara. “The foil changes color depending on what angle you are viewing it from.”

If this is the type of print that really speaks to you, we strongly recommend you check out The Half and Half’s Facebook page. Not only will you find more of Tracie Ching’s work, there are some other stunners to discover as well.  

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Project Details

Title '2001 A Space Odyssey' Print Client Tracie Ching Design Tracie Ching Print The Half and Half Paper Holographic Board, Rainbow, 10 pt.

Production Details

Print Quantity 150 Printing Method Screen printing Number of Colors 7

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