PMN Business Card


Just when I thought I’d seen all that laser cutting could do, this business card submission arrives.

The best way to describe it? Well, imagine you created an intricate pattern of triangles dissected by lines without any inks – just by overprinting a gloss varnish on a matte-coated solid black stock. The pattern would come alive because of the different levels of shine.

But this card does all that with just laser cutting and etching. The shiniest and highest triangle layer is just the stock in relief from the next layers of etching and cutting. The next level down creates the lines via laser etching, then step down yet another level, and the laser etching becomes more pronounced giving the triangles a dull, textured appearance.

And the feel of the card is akin to a hand-tooled leather belt. Someone truly understands the medium they’re working with here … oh, the possibilities!

Project Details

Title PMN Business Card Client Per Micael Nyberg Date October 2010 Design Per Micael Nyberg Print Alessandro Gugliotta Paper Crescent Jet Black Museum Board
Crescent Pure Red Construction Paper

Production Details

Dimensions 3.5" x 2" Print Quantity 25 Production Cost $6 each Printing Method Laser cut Number of Colors 5 colors Finishing and Binding Gluing

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