b-type design Business Card


My A-type personality grabbed this impressive no-ink, laser-cut business card produced by and for b-type design. What a testament to their creative capabilities in both the design and production departments!

The photo just doesn’t do them justice, so let me call your attention to the words “creative laser cutting.” The cuts themselves are not just outlines, but rather tiny little laser-cut dots snuggled right next to each other!

The treatment is repeated at the side of the card in the curved pattern that is again made of increasingly smaller laser-etched dots that give the illusion of a vignette. These dots however don’t penetrate the chipboard here – yet another amazing feat of control.

Project Details

Title b-type design Business Card Client b-type design Date August 2009 Design b-type design
Alessandro Gugliotta
Print Alessandro Gugliotta Paper 0.030 chip board

Production Details

Dimensions 3.5" x 2" Print Quantity 80 Production Cost $2 each Production Time 4 days Printing Method Laser cut

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