Hair Stylist’s Color-it-yourself Business Card

color it yourself business card - PaperSpecs

Sure, we spend a lot of time cooing over pieces designed within an inch of their lives and produced using expensive and unusual processes. But in our heart of hearts we realize a good design and a great idea pulled off on a small budget trumps the most opulent items any day of the week, because those are the ideas we can add to our own repertoire. That’s why these fun and effective business cards designed by Fizz Creative for hair stylist Krystle Steinbach really get us where we live.

color it yourself business card - PaperSpecs

As Fizz Creative Co-owner Katie Major explains, “Krystle has many artistic friends that get their hair done by her. We wanted to showcase their creativity through letting them draw on the cards and hand them out to their friends. The idea was to create little pieces of artwork. Krystle would pass the uncolored cards to her friends, then they would pass out colored ones as referral cards.”

color it yourself business card - PaperSpecs

Not only do these business cards capitalize on the current adult coloring book craze, they encourage every satisfied client of Krystle’s to go out and recruit new clients themselves as they allow them to show off their own colorful creativity at the same time.

color it yourself business card

Naturally these business cards required a sturdy paper – Fizz Creative went with one of Jakprint’s go-to papers: Rolland’s 32 pt. uncoated card stock with a high 96 brightness. And because it’s Rolland, they got some nice environmentally sound attributes in the mix: 30% post-consumer waste, FSC, EcoLogo certified and made with biogas.

To further show off the possibilities for these business cards, Katie and Fizz Creative Co-owner Jasen Melnick colored some of them themselves, basing their color schemes on famous works of art, including Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night,” Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych, and Monet’s “Water Lilies” (see images below). Says Katie, “Jasen thought it would be good to show the connection between artwork and the cards so people would understand.”

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Project Details

Title Hair Stylist's Color-it-yourself Business Card Client Krystle Steinbach Design Fizz CreativeLakewood, Ohio Print Jakprints Cleveland Paper Rolland’s 32 pt. uncoated card stock

Production Details

Printing Method Offset Number of Colors 1

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  1. Sarah 2 years ago

    I really liked the article and examples of cards. It is important when a business card emphasizes your profession. I will be here at the hairdresser, I will definitely show the article, maybe it will still come in handy with examples.

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