Calvin Brue’s ‘Marbelous’ Business Card

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Cinematographer/editor Calvin Brue’s stock-in-trade is showing off his client’s products in unique and exciting ways, from Target to OLED lighting, so it really doesn’t do to hand prospects a snoozer of a business card. Fortunately, designer Kelly Thorn took his desire to have a business card that was “classic, simple and unique” in an excitingly unexpected direction.

Whipping up a perfectly-good-on-its-own logo and contact details combo in gold foil for Mama’s Press to print on French Paper’s 100 lb. Cover Muscletone Whip Cream, she then had them duplex it to marbled paper that she supplied. Calvin’s name, beautifully rendered, was then gold-foil stamped across it.

Not only did this give the business card an unexpected thickness, it had the added benefit of ensuring that no two cards are exactly alike. At their best they seem to offer a quick glimpse of a landscape on some distant world. Yet, it’s also easy to see how it all could’ve gone horribly wrong. As Kelly herself told Mama’s Sauce:

“Calvin was super excited about the idea, but we were both unsure if we could actually produce it—Marbled paper is so heavy with history, but is unfortunately very light in weight—would it be able to withstand being slathered with gold foil? The pros at Mama’s Sauce really worked their magic to make this concept a reality, and I don’t know of another printer who would get as excited about a challenge as them. GO TEAM!”






Project Details

Title Calvin Brue's 'Marbelous' Business Card Client Calvin Brue Design Kelly ThornBrooklyn Print Mama's Sauce Orlando Paper Client supplied marbled paper, French Paper Co. Muscletone Whip Cream 100 lb. Cover

Production Details

Dimensions 2" x 3.5" Print Quantity 500 Production Cost $600 Number of Colors Gold Foil #88 Finishing and Binding Foil stamping, duplexing


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