Cool Packaging: Tyto Alba Wine

barn owl wine packaging

Swept away by a bottle of your favorite wine, it’s easy to forget that it, like many things we take for granted, is a product of our environment. Portugal winery Companhia das Lezírias hasn’t forgotten. In fact, its vineyard is protected from a host of crop-destroying pests by a population of barn owls, which is why it supports a perseveration program that has led to an increase in numbers of the bird throughout its properties. To honor this helpful creature, the winery came up with Tyto alba – the local name for species.

barn owl wine packaging

The packaging Rita Rivotti Wine Branding & Design came up with for this line is equal parts playful and elegant, as well as being perfectly in keeping with the winery’s ecological concerns. We’ll get to that last part in a bit. First, though, feast your eyes on this beautifully textured label. There is a tendency today to overuse foil – why lay a line or two when you can wrap something up with it like a gift? Here it’s tastefully applied to the company name, the eyes and crest of the owl, with a different accent foil in place for the beak. And just look at the raised ink effect on the wine name – perfect!

barn owl wine packaging

In keeping with the vineyard’s avian conservation efforts, the wine comes tucked inside a simple wooden box complete with a hole for the owl on the label to peek through. Close it back up once you’ve removed the bottle, stick a tree branch into the notch provided, and you now have a little bird house perfect for hanging somewhere in your yard. While far too small for owls, any number of birds would be happy to call this little place home.

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barn owl wine packaging


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