Must Have: Erickson ‘China’ Photo Book

erickson-china125bAs an award-winning photographer and principal of image site Erickson Stock, Jim Erickson has travelled the world in search of photo opportunities that engage as they enlighten. After a 27-day shoot covering 31 locations, he returned from China with 5,000 images that capture the exploding market and healthy, wealthy lifestyle that exists in that country today.

The resulting images delve into every aspect of Chinese culture. Says Erickson, “My goal was to capture the spirit of business, and in the process we shot everything from Olympic athletes to welders working on the street.”

Since then, his China photos have become one of Erickson Stock’s best-selling collections, and he’s been hired by several blue-chip companies to shoot a number of new images in that nation, as well.

His China expedition also inspired Erickson to produce a photo book that depicts the lure of China’s bustling industry and the spirit of the people who live there. He explains, “The single most compelling aspect of this photographic journey for myself and the crew has been the eternal optimism of these lovely, patient and hard-working people.”

PaperSpecs readers, request your copy of Jim Erickson’s gorgeous China photo book today!



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