This Mohawk Notebook is no Dodo

mohawk_dodo2There are some products you see that simply scream “Eureka,” not for what they are, but what they represent. DODOnotes from DODOcase and Mohawk fits that bill well.

DODOnotes are 5 ¼”-x-2 ¾” notebooks that feature a diecut groove on their cover that snuggly holds your iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 in place with the help of an elastic strap. Inside: 30 tear-out pages of Mohawk Superfine paper. The effect is something of a mashup of Moleskine, Field Notes and Apple, with a wee bit of old-world craftsmanship thrown in.

Though similar notebooks have been around for a short while – Levenger’s International Phone Pocket Briefcase comes to mind – DODOnotes is better adapted to the way people use notebooks and iPhones. You can grab your phone instantly and flip through your notes with ease – two things you can’t do with the Pocket Briefcase. The DODOnotes’ $14 price tag is also nice, compared with Levenger’s typical “luxury” pricing: $60.



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