Drifter Media Business Cards

Business cards are an expression of identity in its most basic and most profound sense. A visual manifesto in miniature viewed for a brief moment needs to make an instant impact. Patrick Belanger, artisan designer and owner of Drifter Media, understands this at the cellular level.

The card he designed embraces his niche – branding and packaging services to the merchant-craftsperson – with its handcrafted look and feel. Using a wood veneer is a natural fit in promoting the company’s ideology for sustainable design.

The logo, comprised of a pattern that resembles a coat of arms and typography that gives a feel of the sea, is printed CMYK in biodegradable, plant-based biomass inks. Each card is unique depending on the ink reaction and the section of grain cropped in its final size. Gluing the 32 pt. Bright Maple Veneer for a two-ply gives it just enough thickness to be durable.

(And if you have a minute, watch the video on Belanger’s website to discover his real inspiration.)

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Project Details

Title Drifter Media Business Cards Client Drifter Media Date February 2014 Design Patrick Belanger Print Jukebox Printing
Vancouver, BC Canada
Paper Wood Veneer Bright Maple 32 pts.

Production Details

Dimensions 3.5" × 2" Print Quantity 500 Production Cost $690 Production Time 2 weeks Printing Method Offset Number of Colors CMYK Finishing and Binding Wood 2 ply glued together

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  1. Luka G 8 years ago

    Did anyone else think “drift wood” when they saw the card? I like it a lot!

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