Andia Angelidou Business Cards

When a business card flirts with your fingertips long after you’ve stopped looking at it, you know you’re on to a winner. That’s just what Andia Angelidou’s does. Its use of Curious Matter’s unique feel – a blend of sand and silk – combined with its intriguing diecuts make for an unbeatable combination.

Andia Angelidou Business Cards - PaperSpecs

When Arjowiggins added Curious Matter (aka “the potato paper”) to its Curious Collection back in July 2013, we knew it was only a matter of time before people took advantage of its unique tactile properties. Angelidou has a lot to be proud of here.

Lithogramma printed her contact details on Curious Matter Goya White 270 gsm. These were duplexed to pre-diecut cards: 1,000 Désirée Red 380 gsm, and another 1,000 Adiron Blue 380 gsm.

The resulting cards make for a perfectly intriguing “peek-a-boo” effect as her logo peeks out from the openings. A “customized cutter was necessary to be made,” she explains, “because we had problems with the normal cutter.”

If the cards themselves hadn’t convinced us that Angelidou was one of our kind of designers, her answer to the question “What did you learn in designing and producing the piece” certainly did:

“One more time: I love my job!”


Andia Angelidou Business Cards - PaperSpecs

Project Details

Title Andia Angelidou Business Cards Client Self-promotion Date September 2014 Design Andia Angelidou Print Lithogramma
Thessaloniki, Greece
Paper Arjowiggins Curious Matter Desiree Red,
Adiron Blue 380 gsm, Goya 270 gsm

Production Details

Dimensions 50 x 90 cm Print Quantity 1,000 each Production Time One week Printing Method Offset Number of Colors One color (PMS 433) Finishing and Binding Diecut, duplex

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  1. Sandi 9 years ago

    I love the concept! A very ingenious use of color, texture and cut-out.

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