Swatchbook Calendar 2015

Swatchbook calendar 2015Early this year designer Peter von Freyhold won a loyal following for his 2014 swatchbook calendar, and small wonder. It had everything a designer could want, including the ability to be assembled into a colorful swatch deck. We’re pleased to say that Peter is at it again for 2015. The calendar:

  • Contains 371 unique color stripes
  • Is printed on 210 g/m² two-sided chromo cardboard from Fedrigoni
  • Features dates printed in silver and bronze, alternating by week
  • Contains exact CMYK data printed on every page.

Available here or through Amazon Germany. (Either way, you might need some help from Google Translate.) 

Swatchbook calendar 2015Swatchbook calendar 2015Swatchbook calendar 2015Swatchbook calendar 2015Swatchbook calendar 2015


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