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Arguably the most important design we turn our hand to is the way we package ourselves for clients and employers. This week is devoted to Cool Résumé Designs, where we see an engaging CV, discover a cleverly delivered message in a bottle, and find out how easily we can be bribed with sweets. (Previous Cool Designs of the Week can be found here.) 

Graphic Designer’s Résumé

Not only do we like the way Rocío Treviño‘s CV shows off her graphic design skills, we REALLY like the way she uses icons and intelligent page design to tell us what we need to know about her instantly, without having to wade through a page of text. We particularly appreciate how she not only tells us what she’s proficient in, she’s developed a system to tell us her LEVEL of proficiency in each quality, from software to languages. The illustrations of those items that are always with her at the bottom are a nice bit of personalization, and further show off her illustration skills.

graphic designer resume design


 Art Director’s Portfolio

Canhür Aktuglu wanted to work for DDB & Co. Istanbul, and sent them a portfolio based on the “message in a bottle” motif. In this case, Canhür embedded a USB stick full of portfolio items in a cork, and inserted a letter inside the bottle, complete with a “DDB & Me” logo. A week later, an art director position was secured – message received!

art director resume designart director resume design


Master’s Degree Application Design

While this package was geared toward getting Adrian Meseck an MA, the idea could easily work for any designer looking for a different way to share their portfolio. This is one of those instances where the photos tell you everything you need to know about the project, right down to the cache of sweets included to sway anyone who happens to be on the fence. Nice touch!

portfolio design


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