Burn After Squinting, er, Reading

zineinamatchbox3bLetterpress it; emboss/deboss it; flock, fold and FedEx  it – there seems no end to the number of ways you can make a project stand out. And no matter which one you choose, there’s a moment when you realize that it’s all been done before. Not with your unique flare, of course, but still. Suppose the next time you took a different approach, and made everything real, real small?

We wondered about this after coming across The Lavender Room Zine-in-a-Matchbox, created by Australian poet/performance artist Pascalle Burton. Each tiny issue arrives in a matchbox (with its own little magazine-like cover), and contains several little cards inside, each with a regular theme, including:

  • Ye Olde Picture Books – Covers from favorite tomes
  • Raise High the Salinger – Quotes from grumpy ol’ J.D.
  • The eBay that Got Away – Funky junk never won.

One more thing is included with each issue: a match to burn the whole thing after reading.

If you decide to do something similar, best to leave out the match – client’s can be SO sensitive.





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