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Today it seems as though whatever you create must somehow be interactive in order to capture attention – we blame the Internet (for everything, actually). This week, we go in search of business cards that engage. In the process, we get (tastefully) tatted up, dive to the bottom of a bottle (not for the first time), and discover a card that could get us into a great deal of trouble indeed. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be found here.)

Tattoo Studio Business Card

Straight from the Why Didn’t I Think of That Dept. we have this tattoo artist’s card that comes with one of several temporary tattoos that you can apply to any part of your body, showing you what the more permanent variety would look like on you. Not only did this result in a 65% increase in the number of people phoning up to get ink done, the studio now has an 8-month waiting list!

tattooist business card


Winery Business Card

However much we wish it were so, those who represent wineries can’t promote themselves exclusively by handing out bottles of their product. The business card for wine brand Lou Bassaquet consists of two pieces: As you slide the first from the second, you’re treated to the sight of wine actually draining from their signature fingerprint bottle until it’s empty.

winery business card


Hacker’s Business Card

Kevin Mitnick remain’s one of the world’s most famous hackers. As a computer security consultant, he boasts a metal business card that reflects his reputation for being able to bypass the defenses of even the most powerful companies and institutions. Quite simply it’s a set of lock-picking tools that appear to work very nicely. And for $12 (cash only!) you can get your very own from his company. We can safely say that this is the first Cool Card of the Week that could actually get you in trouble with the law!


kevin mitnick business card


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